'Diana' had its first preview back on Broadway on Nov. 2.(Photo: Emilio Madrid)

Broadway grosses rebounded last week, as the industry came out of a holiday period and added three new productions.

Industrywide grosses reached $22.85 million across 30 productions for the week ended Nov. 7. This is a $3.2 million jump from the previous week, which included Halloween, a traditionally weak sales time on Broadway.

Last week, “Diana,” “Clyde’s” and “The Book of Mormon” began performances on Broadway, adding to the overall totals. There were 207 performances on Broadway last week, compared to 183 in the previous week.

Attendance across all shows reached 193,309, with theaters playing to a capacity of 81.5%.

These totals are still below 2019 numbers, in which Broadway grossed $35.4 million in the comparative week ended Nov. 10, 2019, albeit with 35 productions running and 291,419 attendees.

Compared to that week in 2019, grosses per performance in the week ended Nov. 7, 2021 were down 15%.

As always, the aggregated totals do not provide a comprehensive picture of the industry’s financial health, as totals can be skewed by high grosses at a few popular shows.