Tavon Olds-Sample (center) and Myles Frost (far right) with the cast of 'MJ' (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Broadway earned more than $32 million for the first time since the start of the 2022-2023 season.

The last time Broadway hit this mark was during the week ending May 29, when the box office total reached $33,093,845.

For the week ending Nov. 13, Broadway saw an 8% increase in grosses, earning $32,314,920. Attendance at the 34 shows running was up 6% from the previous week.

“The Music Man,” “Hamilton” and “MJ” were the three highest-grossing productions. Thirteen shows played to 95% or greater capacity, while five were at 65% or less.

Notably, there were 13 recently opened and long-running productions that saw gross increases of at least 10%.

“MJ” broke the house record at the Neil Simon Theatre for the fourth time since the beginning of October. The musical grossed $1,815,353, up 3%, and played to greater than 100% capacity.

“Walking with Ghosts,” which announced last week it would close prematurely, had its highest-grossing week, bringing in $195,215, an increase of 16% from the week prior. Attendance, however, sat at just 48%, up 3% from the prior week.

In its first full week of performances following an official opening night of Nov. 3, “Almost Famous” saw its strongest box office numbers. The new musical earned $815,750, up 27%, and played to 83% capacity, up 2%.

“A Strange Loop” played only seven performances last week. The musical’s Saturday matinée was canceled due to a non-COVID-related illness. The show brought in $514,415, down 3%, and played to 85% capacity, down 4%.

“KPOP” was also plagued by cancellations last week, as the new musical went dark for its Wednesday matinée and Saturday-evening performance. Through six previews, the show grossed $134,348, down 4%, and played to 88% capacity, down 9%.

“Kimberly Akimbo” and Mike Birbiglia’s “The Old Man & the Pool” had their respective opening nights last week. “A Christmas Carol,” “Ain’t No Mo’ ” and “Ohio State Murders” all began previews. “Some Like It Hot,” “A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical,” “& Juliet” and “KPOP” remained in previews.