The original Broadway cast of 'Six.' (Photo: Joan Marcus)

“Six” is set to release an original Broadway cast recording on May 6.

The album, entitled “Six: Live on Broadway,” was recorded live onstage on Oct. 3, 2021, during opening night of the production.

According to press representatives, “Six: Live on Broadway” marks the first time an Original Broadway Cast Recording has ever been recorded live on opening night.

“After two and half long years it is a dream come true to release ‘Six’s’ Broadway cast recording, which was captured live on a night that ignited the Broadway community at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre,” the producers of “Six” said.

“The applause and cheers of the 1,069+ people in the audience that night can all be heard on this historical collection. As we listen, sing, and dance along to the gorgeous voices of the original Broadway cast, we are transported back to that magical night when we finally got to say ‘Happy Opening!’”

The recording will be released via streaming and digital formats. Physical CDs and vinyls will be announced at a later date.

“Six: Live on Broadway” will include 18 tracks featuring the original Broadway cast, plus a bonus track by the Broadway Alternates. The all-female band “The Ladies in Waiting” are also featured on the recording.

Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss said, “We wanted to capture that buzz, that electric atmosphere that can only be created by a group of pop royalty stepping out onstage in front of an audience of squealing fans. So – welcome to the show. :)”