A new play, entitled “Love All,” about the life and career of sports icon Billie Jean King is in the works, producers Harriet Newman Leve and Stephanie Sandberg announced Wednesday.

Written by Anna Deveare Smith and to be directed by Marc Bruni, the play will have a reading this summer in the New York Stage and Film 2022 summer season. Alisa Solomon is the dramaturg for the project.

King is a tennis star, known for her trailblazing efforts in achieving equality for women in sports. The play will dramatize her early career during the 1960s amid “social upheaval and countercultural revolutions,” according to the announcement.

“As a fan of the theatre, being part of a project like Love All is an honor and honestly a surreal experience and being able to work with brilliant minds like Anna Deavere Smith, Marc Bruni and Harriet Leve make this project even more special,” said King in the press release.