(Photo: Matthew Murphy)

While several Broadway productions are cancelling performances due to breakthrough cases of COVID-19, the Broadway League is not currently considering an industrywide shutdown, according to League President Charlotte St. Martin. 

“We have always said that safety is our number one priority. Of course, I’m sorry that four shows have to go down, but I’m also proud that we have 28 shows performing,” St. Martin said Friday afternoon. 

On Friday, “MJ” cancelled performances through Dec. 26, “Hamilton” cancelled performances through Dec. 19 and “Moulin Rouge!” canceled its evening performance and both shows on Saturday. “Mrs. Doubtfire” is in the midst of a weeklong closure, through Dec. 19, after cases were detected in the company. 

After St. Martin’s statement, “Hadestown” canceled its Friday evening performance and Saturday matinee, “Tina” canceled performances until Dec. 21 and “Ain’t Too Proud” canceled performances until Dec. 22. “Company” began its Friday performance, but then canceled the remainder of the show due to a “non-COVID related illness.”

These join cancellations of “Jagged Little Pill,” “Freestyle Love Supreme” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” earlier in the week. Those productions had not announced further closures as of Friday.

The cancellations come as COVID-19 cases rise throughout New York. On Friday, the state reported 21,027 new positive cases, marking the highest level on record since the start of the pandemic — though testing was not widely available in early 2020. New York City made up 10,286 of those positive cases.

All cast and crew members working on Broadway must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.