The Lamplighter, Marcin Janiak, and the company of 'The Little Prince.' (Photo: Prudence Upton)

A stage production of “The Little Prince” will play the Broadway Theatre this spring.

The production, which features dance, acrobatics and video, has previously played Paris, Sydney and Dubai. It will run at the Broadway Theatre beginning March 4, 2022, with an opening night on March 17 and an end date of Aug. 14. 

“The Little Prince” is produced by Broadway Entertainment Group and directed and Anne Tournié, with libretto adaptation and co-direction by Chris Mouron. Set to music by Terry Truck, the production uses dance and acrobatics to tell the story of “The Little Prince,” a 1943 classic novel written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The show’s company includes Lionel Zalachas, as the Little Prince, as well as Aurélien Bednarek, Chris Mouron, Laurisse Sulty, Adrien Picaut, Antony Cesar, Andre Kamienski, Marcin Janiak, Srilata Ray, Dylan Barone, Marie Menuge, Joän Bertrand, George Sanders and William John Banks.

The Broadway Theatre was previously home to “West Side Story,” which announced in August that it would not reopen after the theatrical shutdown.