The Broadway cast of 'Come From Away.' (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

All audience members at the Nov. 20 matinee of “Come From Away” received $200 gift cards donated by Ally Bank as part of a citywide campaign. 

The $200 gift card was meant to cover the cost of tickets to the performance. The online bank also covered the cost of 200 Thanksgiving meal kits at a local food pantry, breakfast tabs at three different diners in the city, paid for an hour of free skating at Rockefeller Center and gave away $500 to 29 new parents in city hospitals. 

All of the events were part of the bank’s campaign to relieve some of the financial burden of the holiday season. “Come From Away” was chosen as a partner for the promotion.

The bank gave away a total of 1,050 American Express gift cards to audience members, as well as to the Broadway cast and crew. Cast and crew members also received a free meal between shows.