(Photo: Matthew Murphy)

Actors’ Equity has hired labor attorney Micah Wissinger to conduct a review of the workplace of “Jagged Little Pill.” 

The union hired Wissinger to conduct the investigation after cast member Nora Schell posted a public account of alleged mistreatment. Schell claims the “Jagged Little Pill” stage manager and other members of the management team repeatedly dismissed Schell’s need for medical treatment related to a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

The “Jagged Little Pill” producers have separately hired law firm Jay Hewlin and The Hewlin Group to investigate the matter. Additionally, the producers said they were launching an external review of the productions’ policies and procedures for its company members. 

The account from Schell, who is a nonbinary actor, follows criticisms of the production’s treatment of gender identity in the show.

“A partner at Levy Ratner, Wissinger has extensive experience in labor and employment law, including conducting workplace investigations and representing transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. As a transgender man, Wissinger brings relevant personal experience in addition to his extensive professional qualifications to the investigation,” the statement from Actors’ Equity reads.