A day after reaching a payment deal for workers on Broadway, the theatrical unions and the Broadway League have reached an agreement for employees on tour.

For shows with bookings through and after Sept. 20, 2020, the terms of the deal, which were negotiated jointly by all the unions and the League, are similar to those on Broadway. All unions have agreed to the same financial terms, according to information shared with members of Actors’ Equity.

Employees will receive their contractual salary, with a cap of up to 150% of minimum salary, for the week surrounding the show cancellations, according to Equity. They will then receive their respective contractual minimum salary for the weeks ending March 22 and March 29.

Payments will include pension and 401(k) contributions. Health payments will continue through April 12 and the unions have secured a date to discuss additional contributions should the shutdowns continue.

For members of tours that will not continue after Sept. 20, members will see the same terms for the first two weeks. However, there is no payment for the week ended March 29.  Those members will also receive pension and health contributions, with the same date set to discuss additional health contributions.

For tours that have already closed, Equity told its members it would work to make sure those workers receive what is owed to them per their collective bargaining agreement.