Sophia Anne Caruso, Rob McClure and Kerry Butler in 'Beetlejuice.' (Photo: Matthew Murphy)

“Beetlejuice” has broken multiple box office records at the Winter Garden Theatre in recent weeks.

The musical announced Monday that it broke the seven-performance week record for the Winter Garden, bringing in $1.4 million in the week ended Jan. 5. “Beetlejuice” has previously broken the eight-performance week record, bringing in $1.6 million in the week ended Dec. 1, and the nine-performance week record, with a gross of $2.2 million in the week ended Dec. 29.

All previous box office records were held by “School of Rock.”

While the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Years provide a boost to most Broadway shows, the climb in “Beetlejuice” is significant given its impending closing announcement and the circumstances surrounding it.

In early December, the musical announced that it would play its final performance at the Winter Garden on June 6, 2020. The Shubert Organization had enforced the production’s stop clause after the musical’s grosses had fallen below a contractual threshold for two consecutive weeks in the summer. “The Music Man,” which had been rumored to take the theater, is now confirmed to take the theater beginning in September.

However, since falling to those low grosses in the summer of 2019, “Beetlejuice” has been on an upswing, gradually growing its box office and attendance levels. The performance on Jan. 5 marked the 16th consecutive sold-out performance of “Beetlejuice.”

A national tour is set to launch in the fall of 2021 and producers have been looking for other options to keep the show running.