Ben Holtzman is the next T. Fellow. (Photo: Courtesy of Polk & Co)

Ben Holtzman has been selected as the next Geraldine Stutz T. Fellow.

As part of the T. Fellowship, which seeks to develop the next generation of creative producers, Holtzman will receive a $20,000 budget to develop new work and access to courses at Columbia University. Holtzman is a co-producer on “Be More Chill” and has worked Hal Prince, founder of the T. Fellowship program, since 2016.

He follows T. Fellow Rachel Sussman, who finishes up her term at the end of 2019. Holtzman’s term runs from September 2019 to August 2020.

Holtzman is the eighth T. Fellow to be selected in the program’s history, which includes Orin Wolf and John Pinkard, the original fellows.