Actors' Equity Executive Director Mary McColl. (Photo by Walter McBride/Getty Images)

Members of Actors’ Equity have voted to create a national convention, among other changes to Equity’s constitution.

The first convention will be held in 2021 and will invite 211 elected delegates from across the country to speak to challenges affecting their area and set new policies within the union.

“With delegates from across the country, a national convention will allow more members to have a voice in their union,” executive director Mary McColl, said in the press release. “I am thrilled that Equity members have voted to create a more inclusive and forward-looking union.”

Seventy-nine percent of Equity members approved changes to Equity’s constitution, with a total of 11,479 members voter. Other changes include creating “At-Large” council seats for members outside of the New York, Los Angeles and Chicago areas.