Actors Stephen Bogardus and Andrea Burns speak to patrons at TKTS on Jan. 8 about the Equity campaign. (Photo by Walter McBride/Getty Images)

The Australian Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, the union that represents actors, journalists, dancers, orchestral performers and more, says it “stands in solidarity” with Actors’ Equity in their strike in the U.S.

“In solidarity with our American colleagues, we have conveyed to the Broadway League that Australian performers will not support any runaway developments in Australia who are trying to break the strike,” the statement reads, meaning it will not allow U.S. productions trying to skirt the union rules.

The Australian union is one of many in recent days to show support for the Equity strike, which began Monday. As it negotiates a new developmental contract with the Broadway League, Equity has barred its members from participating in any labs, workshops or under developmental contracts produced by a member of the League.

Equity has asked for a higher pay rate as well as profit-sharing for members who participate in labs.

The Australian union, which was formed in 1992 as a merger of the Australian Journalists Association, Actors Equity of Australia and the Australian Theatrical & Amusement Employees Association, said in the statement that the unchanged pay rate for Equity actors under lab agreements, which was set in 2007, in “unacceptable.”

“Fair rates for development work are a standard condition in Australia, which were hard fought for and won by earlier generations of performers,” the statement reads.