MIchael Hartman, Matt Upshaw and Leslie Barrett. (Photo: Jenny Anderson)

Former press agent Michael Hartman, the founder of The Hartman Group and co-founder of Barlow-Hartman, has been hired as a managing director of ad agency Serino Coyne.

Hartman joins a new leadership team comprised of Leslie Barrett, the current vice president of business engagement, and Matt Upshaw, the current vice president of account management and insights, who will also serve in the newly created positions of managing directors. All will continue to work under Angelo Desimini, chief executive of Serino Coyne.

There were no departures at Serino Coyne as part of the restructuring. Chief Financial Officer Catherine Reid and President Greg Corradetti will continue in their roles.

With the new team of managing directors, the 42-year-old Serino Coyne is planning to delve deeper into data-driven assignments, social media and meaningful interactions with audience members and partners.

“Michael Hartman is one of the most respected strategic minds in the making and marketing of Broadway show brands,” Desimini said in the press release. “A person with his deep experience and well-established relationships is extremely hard to find and rarely available.”

Hartman worked in theatrical media relations, heading up two agencies, from 1999 to 2014. From 2014 to 2018 he has worked as the chief executive of Amy’s Ice Creams in Austin, Tex.

“My four years as CEO of a larger company in a different industry and a city dominated by tech and cutting-edge company culture allowed for tremendous personal growth, perspective, and the kind of expansion as a businessman I’d likely not gotten otherwise,” Hartman said. “I’m eager to bring renewed energy to the business of Broadway, not only to the work itself but to company culture.”