Andrew Barth Feldman as Evan. (Photo: Nathan Johnson)

2018 Jimmy Award-winner Andrew Barth Feldman will make his Broadway debut as Evan in “Dear Evan Hansen” this winter.

Feldman, who is currently a high school junior, will take over the role from Taylor Trensch, who will play his final performance on Jan. 27, 2019. Feldman begins on Jan. 30

“As a real-life high school student, I relate to the character of Evan Hansen immensely. And as a performer, it’s obviously been a dream of mine to sing Pasek & Paul’s amazing score – I’m so excited to get to make my Broadway debut in this show that means so much to me and my peers,” Feldman said in the press release.

Producer Stacey Mindich discovered Feldman during the Jimmy Awards, which were sponsored, in part, by “Dear Evan Hansen.”

“During the show, I texted our casting director, Tara Rubin, who was a judge for the Jimmys, and Andrew was in the casting office auditioning for the role within days of winning the award. It was clear very quickly that we’d found our next Evan,” Mindich said in the press release.

Michael Lee Brown will continue as the ‘Evan’ alternate.