Peppermint (center) as Pythio, The Oracle of Delphi and the ensemble. (Photo: Joan Marcus)

New York Times critic Ben Brantley apologized Friday for remarks in his “Head Over Heels’ review that drew criticism for the treatment of a nonbinary character in the show.

“I feel horrible about having offended transgender and nonbinary communities. I was trying to reflect the light tone of the show, as well as a plot point in which one character learns to acknowledge another not as a “she” but as “they” — this was meant to be a reference to the character of the Oracle, not Peppermint, the person who plays the role. This unfortunately read as more flippant than I ever would have intended, especially with regard to a performance that marks a historical first,” Brantley said in a statement tweeted out by the New York Times Communications account.

The review has since been edited, after it drew “significant feedback,” according to a note at the top of the review.

The musical, which opened Thursday at the Hudson Theatre, stars Peppermint, a transgender woman, who plays a nonbinary character named Pythio, the Oracle of Delphi. In the show, Pythio is referenced by “they/them” pronouns. Peppermint made history as the first openly transgender woman to originate a principal role on Broadway. 

Brantley’s initial review drew criticism on social media for its treatment of pronouns for the character.

That line has since been changed.

Asked for comment, a spokesperson for the producers of “Head Over Heels” pointed to a tweet the show issued Friday afternoon .

“We thank Ben Brantley and the @NYTimes for their heartfelt apology. We are so proud to be supported by the Broadway and LGBTQIA+ communities, and are thrilled to be celebrating ALL people 8 times a week at the Hudson Theatre,” the tweet reads.