Casting directors held a rally over unionization last year. (Photo: Courtesy of Teamsters Joint Council 16)

The lawsuit filed by the Broadway League against several Broadway casting agencies has been settled and dismissed.

According to a court document filed Thursday morning, the action has been dismissed without prejudice, meaning the plaintiff could later file a suit on the same claim, and without costs or attorneys’ fees to either party as part of the dismissal. The original claim was filed by the League in December and concerned the unionization efforts of the casting directors.

Earlier this month, the two sides had said they were making “significant progress” toward a settlement.

In the suit, the League had alleged that the casting directors violated antitrust laws by aligning themselves with the union Teamsters Local 817. Casting directors have said they were working to get health and pension benefits.

Had the suit gone forward, the discovery process for the casting agencies could have cost up to $4.7 million, according to lawyers for the casting directors.

The Broadway League and lawyers for the casting directors did not immediately respond to a request for comment.